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Discover the role dehydration plays in fatigue

The water in our cells looks like jelly water. Learn about our inner irrigation system and how to hydrate your body with food and liquids .

Techniques to release emotions

Learn techniques at your fingertips to diminish anger, mood swings, stress and insomnia.

Practice gentle movements

Help the water flow in your body and diminish fatigue by practicing specific gentle movements.

What is in you emergency travel kit ?

Find out how essential oils can help you fight insomnia, anxiety, and headaches.

Would you like to relax ?

Use the guided visualization to relax and create your safe place.

It takes 3 weeks to integrate a new behavior ?

The Innsbruck goggle experiment (1950), a long-term wearing of reversing mirrors , conducted by Theodor Erismann and experimented by Ivo Kohler, was a milestone in research on adaptation. After seeing things around him upside down, Kohler's brain adapted itself.  Give you a chance to feel better, sleep better and enjoy your flight ! Use the capacity your brain and body have to adapt to new behaviors.

Florence Dalmau

Founder of EFT Quebec and Synergo Solutions

Be hydrated, stretch fascia and release emotional tensions :  you will sleep better, lose the fog brain and regain energy !

Dr Cohen & Gina Bria

Medical doctor & antropologist, authors

Dehydration, not jet lag, is the foremost reason why it is so exhausting to fly.

Dr Eileen McNeely

Study’s lead author - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

While flight attendants are healthier overall than the general population—they have lower rates of smoking and maintain healthier weights—they have higher rates of certain diseases and conditions, including female reproductive cancers, sleep disorders, and depression

Tools are easy to use and efficient !

Exercises have been chosen so they can be done anywhere, no equipement is required !

The only thing you need is to be hydrated. You can practice them in a plane, during a break or at home.

Experiencing Insomnia ?

Learn from the latest research 

Dehydration is one of the major cause of insomnia.

Did you hear about optimal hydration ? 8 glasses of water are not enough to be well hydrated as the water in our body looks more like jelly water. Learn which fruits and vegetable hydrate the most.

Don't let your feelings consume your energy

You are frustrated when it's time to sleep. You haven't been able to express yourself and wonder where you'll find enough energy to work the next day ? Emotional Freedom Techniques allows you to give a voice to all your feelings before they burst or impact your health. 

Three techniques are shown in a way you can practice the exercise each time you are angry, frustrated, cannot sleep of feel sore.

Our vision

Learn from the best !

Have pleasure exploring new behaviors

No need to try everything that is suggested in the course the same day !

Add one or two things you like to your daily routine and stick to them for 3 weeks, so you can feel the benefits. Then you can chose to add something else. It's the reason why each exercise is shown in a distinct section so you can take notes and track the benefits you gain. What is done with pleasure last longer !

Learn from the best in their domains

Latest research and approaches are brought to you so you can benefit from them and improve your daily life while traveling.

Help yourself first !

Apply the oxygen mask rule ! Once you feel better, sleep better, are in a better mood, all your environment will benefit from it and be grateful for the changes you adopted !

You may even inspire others !

You are the best person to help yourself !

10 days to try and adopt it !

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How long does it take ?

To go through the content and videos and discover the exercises will take you about 2 hours. You can explore a section at the time and come back to as often as needed until you master it.

To practice the exercises can take about 7 to 10 minutes each.  Some tachniques are shown to be used when necessary : when you're angry, frustrated, cannot sleep, feel pain, or need to relax. 

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